Saturday, 13 April 2013

Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect beta exam experience.

Beta exam was of 90 questions in 150 mins. Initially I felt, time will not be sufficient for this exam as it will be based on lengthy and tricky questions which may be time consuming but it was well sufficient and last 8 mins were used for reviewing few questions. Buying voucher for beta exam as to be done online in Pearsonvue's site itself and it can't be bought in any testing center and appear then and there. Buy it online and then book a slot to appear for the exam in advance rather than extending it to the last day and getting into trouble of not attending the exam itself.

Exam was like testing everything, technologies related to old still valid as well as new.
Few questions of this exam which are available in Mock exams or the Real exam of Java EE 5 Part 1 will occur.
They were good number of questions on patterns covering from "Real World Java EE patterns, Rethinking Best practices" by Adam Bien and few on Core JEE patterns, design patterns and anti patterns. Around 4 to 5 questions were on WebServices JAX-WS/JAX-RS and their security measures.
They were good number of scenario based questions where old as well as new technologies like Swing, JAX-RS.
Questions related to high level understanding of Java EE 6.
Not to mention about the security related questions which were many in my exam.
Questions related to JPA/JCA/JMS/JDBC. There were no questions on UML or Exhibit for diagram.
As few others have mentioned there were questions related to managerial decision about the current situation.

Overall my intension was to go through the material related to Java EE 6 and its really good to know about the books by Adam Bien's and Bitter EJB, I am still wondering how I missed these while preparing for Java EE 5, I am sure there are few more like these. In fact its good to know about these things at least by preparing for such exams.

Apart from going through the material of Java EE 5 Part I, in addition to them.

Java EE 6 tutorial

Real World Java EE Patterns - Rethinking best practices reloaded by Adam Bien's


  1. This article really help full for me,
    Sir can you Please define the Hierarchy of Java Exams from Basic.
    thank you.

  2. This exam is of four steps process earlier it has to be three steps. First you need to clear Part 1 which is multiple options, Part II Assignment submission, Part III exam is of explanation and the approaches you considered to support non-functional requirements. Part IV Attending mandatory training.