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SCEA/OCMJEA Part II assignment and Part III experience.

Prepartion for this exam started with different reason. I was mainly looking for refreshing my basics skills and learning few new techonologies so that I can cope up with the changing software market. Last year I wored Ayyapa mala (you need to workship Lord Ayyapa for 41 days with sanctity) and while following the rules and customs during the tenure, like wake up early in the morning and offer prayers before the sunrise. As my day starts early and I use to have plenty of time then I thought of making use of it and planned to appear for SCEA Part 1 which I was planning from many years but didn't get any time towards it. I started with Design patterns about the books and the material for SCEA part I, it is mentioned in my previous blog. By end of April I appeared and cleared part I but with I was not satisfied with the score and whole May I was busy with my office work and couldn't get any time for the part 2 exam. Overall by completing part 1 itself I learned many new technol